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A New Game Based on iPhone Emojis

2015-10-30 01:01:32 by NoxtarApps

Hello Everyone,

My name is Javier and for the past month, I've been working on a game based on the iPhone emojis and the classic Atari Game "Space Invaders." I had to learn ActionScript 3.0 from scratch and practice by fooling around with Flash. I invented the story line for the game as I was developing so nothing is set in stone. I wanted to take advatange of all the illustrated objects and emoticons in the iPhone emoji keyboard. I decided to publish my creation on here because I heard it's a great place for developer and games to share creations and interchange ideas. If you have any ideas on how I can improve the game, add features and optomize it. I am happy to take any feedback and improve the game as I sharpen up my skills. I also have in mind working on other games based on emojis, I plan to use any new skill I learn on AS3 to create new interactive games and improve on my old ones. Again, this is just Version 1.0, so feel free to leave any feedback and ideas. Thank you all.


PS. Pardon my unfinished site :)

Play at:

will update file to here as well.




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